Stacy H.

My daughter was having a medical issue. I love how the treatment at Naturopathic Medical is done as naturally as possible.  Our bodies have amazing abilities to heal themselves, Dr. Baugh knows how to strengthen that processes naturally without foreign chemicals/medicines hiding what is at the root of the medical issue.  

Rebecca C.

I have been seeing Dr. Baugh for over 4 years now. He is the one who finally diagnosed my thyroid condition after over 10 YEARS of being misdiagnosed from a medical doctor. It really ticks me off when I think of it! They would just test me for TSH and T4. But with my adrenal issues, the T4 (inactive thyroid hormone) was NOT converting to free T3 (active thyroid hormone). So no matter what my TSH or T4 levels were, my body's thyroid receptor cells were NOT receiving the thyroid hormone it needed.

That is why we need Naturopathic Doctors who went to medical school, like Dr. Baugh. He writes my prescriptions, he requisitions labs for me, and he can actually figure out the CAUSE of why my body is doing what it is doing. He doesn't only treat symptoms.

My health is way better now. Thank you! 

Lynne G.

I  learned about Dr. Brevan Baugh from a registered nurse and former Head of Hospice in the area. She had taken her husband to him for a vitamin B 12 shot. I immediately went for a visit because I knew that I needed a shot myself. I was very impressed and knew I wanted to be his patient.

He has treated me for the Epstein Barr Virus (chronic fatigue) and given me relief from years of exhaustion and depression. He knows natural substances which can assist the body in healing itself. I rely on his amazing fund of knowledge and experience, as well as on his understanding and thoughtful treatment of his patients - he is friendly, supportive, and very knowledgeable. He continues to study the latest discoveries and applications in his field.

Because my thymus gland was weakened by exposure to radiation, I have been vulnerable
to many infections; his use of glutathione IVs has lifted my resistance to infection and given
me renewed energy.

When I was suffering from acute pain in my left knee caused by damage related
to a serious accident, he began a series of injections designed to rebuild the cartilage and
remove fluid accumulation. Thanks to him, I have not had to have a knee replacement.

Just arriving at his office is a pleasure. It is a lovely, calm, beautifully furnished space -
a perfect setting for healing. (Thank you, Audrey, for designing it!) Jessica is friendly, sympathetic, and reassuring as well as being very competent in administering treatments -setting up the IVs, giving injections, explaining procedures, and taking vital signs. She is very knowledgeable. Calleen is welcoming and kind, as well as being a skilled and experienced receptionist. I look forward to getting to know her better.

All in all, I feel very fortunate to be a regular patient of Dr. Baugh’s, and I wish him and his staff all the best.

I love everything about Naturopathic Medical! The environment, the people, the ambiance, the knowledge...every inch of the office reflects a place of love, acceptance, and healing. Dr. Baugh and his staff found a delicately-balanced cure for my kidney disease using only what MY body needed and not someone's "standard procedure". The best part was that he did it all without having to resort to harsh chemicals. (Though he would have if he like that was what my body needed.) Every time I meet with him, I really feel as though he sees me as an individual with individual needs.  Thanks to Dr. Baugh, I'm getting my life back!

Audrey B.