On Tuesday, July 10, Naturopathic Medical will be offering breast cancer screening with thermologist Kelly Wobrock of Utah Thermography, LLC. These thermography screenings are in high demand and will be offered at a low cash price so call our office to reserve your appointment today!!!

What Is Thermography?
Breast thermography detects patterns of heat from the increased circulation produced by abnormal metabolic activity in cells. Thus, thermography is a physiological test.  Breast thermography combines advanced digital technology with ultra-sensitive infrared camera imaging to create a significant advance in the safe and early screening for breast cancer.

Why Thermography?

  • Safe, easy, and pain free
  • No radiation exposure
  • No compression of breast tissue
  • Detects changes in breast tissue that accompany the smallest of tumors
  • Entire breast can be imaged
  • Differentiates between fibrocystic breast disease and tumors effectively
  • Safely screens breasts with implants
  • Useful for evaluating chest wall after breast surgery
  • Effective for breasts of all sizes
  • Creates opportunities for early intervention

Cost of Thermography?
cash price only

  • Breast Study  $265
  • Thyroid Study $200 
    • breast and thyroid  package $415
  • Carotid Artery Study $200
    • breast and carotid artery package $415
  • Face Imaging $100
    • breast and face package $340
  • Additional images without an interpretation $25 with any other imaging

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