Your body is constantly adapting to the change and movement of daily life. From the energy of other people to the energy of your environment, you naturally reflect, absorb, and even deflect the energetics of the world around you.

Some energetic experiences allow you to release the energy as you smile or laugh or talk or cry; however, some experiences are so traumatic or stressful that the negative energy literally gets trapped inside your body. These energy blocks hinder the natural flow of energy and create an unhealthy imbalance which commonly presents itself in a variety of physical symptoms. Headaches, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, anger, chronic pain, exhaustion, addiction, or the inability to heal may become a part of your everyday life and cause conflict throughout your personal and professional relationships.

While psychiatric counseling can be a supportive and effective way to heal, for some the idea of having to relive the original trauma may feel frightening or overwhelming. For them, energy-based therapy is the safer, more effective treatment for recovery. 

Energy therapy, also known as energetics, is based on the concept of reestablishing balance between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms of our lives. Trained therapists use focused techniques to clear out the energy blocks that accumulate throughout your energy field. Suppressed emotions such as guilt, resentment, fear, and anger are released without the client having to relive the actual stressful or traumatic events that caused the initial blockage. These energies are then repatterned and refocused on self-healing and spiritual growth, resulting in health, balance, and relaxation.

Naturopathic Medical, PC, offers energetic therapy sessions through our certified energy therapist, Anna Pruett. Anna has offices in both Cache Valley and Utah County where she combines extensive energetic training along with her certifications in sound therapy, Access Consciousness Bars®, foot zonology, AromaTouch®, and reiki to individualize treatments for each of her patients. In addition to her many certifications, Anna has also been trained in foot detoxification, energy reading, chakra/aura balancing & cleansing, Emotion Code®, and multiple other therapeutic techniques that will be used throughout her energetic therapy sessions.

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