We are beyond excited to introduce you to Patty Caruso! Patty has worked for over 30 years as a certified chakra therapist, sixth-level reiki master, master esthetician, and registered nurse throughout Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming and now she has selected Naturopathic Medical, PC, to be her next healing adventure.

A warm, down-to-earth personality allows patients to feel comfortable with her as she walks them through their healing journey.

Patty combines the energetics of reiki, chakra therapy, and lymphatic massage during your sessions. These treatments work together as emotional therapy, which balances the conscious with the subconscious, giving yourself permission to release trauma, relieve stress, reduce pain, and, ultimately, restoring wellness. Patty uses your body's vibes to measure exactly what is needed at each appointment so please plan 15-45 minutes for each session.

  • Reiki: Derived from the Japenese work "rei" (spirit/soul) and "ki" (vital force/mind), reiki is based on the principle of energetics . This means that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch and the natural healing processes of the patient's body are activated and physical and emotional well-being is restored.
  • Chakra Therapy:  Each of the seven main chakras of the body has an energy that resonates with the energy and wavelength of certain colors. When the chakras are out of balance, the body and mind suffers. Color therapy can help to re-balance the chakras by using the appropriate color for each chakra to facilitate the even flow of energy throughout the nerve-plexi, sending healing energy to each of the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of our lives.
  • Lymphatic Massage: Fascia collects throughout life. Trauma, accidents, and everyday stress become knotted up into lymphatic fascia which results in bacteria, viral infections, weight gain, and water retention. Unwinding the fascia through lymphatic therapy will put your fascia into a state of ease and release, allowing emotional balance to occur.

Because of her skills and expertise (and the fact that she comes highly recommended from those she has worked with), we anticipate Patty's schedule being full once word gets out so call now to begin your therapy sessions!